A company can function effectively if its entire staff works together in achieving one goal. For this there is a need for direct and clear communication. Many a times management believes that good communication will build on its own as employees spend more and more time together in their workplaces. But the times have changed. For many companies the employees are spread across the globe with hardly two people sharing the same office space. For companies that are located in the small geographical area or are part of just one office space the scene seems to be different, but is not as the pressure and stress of work hardly gives employees any time to connect to each other. It is for this reason that a Staff Communication App becomes so important.

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What is Internal Communication?

Good internal communication does not simply mean that all the major announcements by the company are shared without any emotional involvement from the employees. It is about involving all those who work within the company or support it from the outside, in all the latest decisions of the company. It is quiet nice if this communication is done from by using a top down and from a bottoms up approach. In the present times a good Staff Communication App can be quiet helpful in achieving this aim.

Advantages of Internal Communication in an Organisation

Internal communication is the backbone of any organisation. It ensures that all the employees work collaboratively for reaching one goal. It develops a interconnected culture and give power to the employees to take decisions that are aligned to the organisational objectives. This in turn brings higher productivity and efficiency in the organisation and helps in improving the customer service.

Talkfreely is a Staff Communication App that helps in engaging the employees and in building the internal communication network in an organization. Its special features provide a detailed newsfeed, information about the latest happenings, videos, images, documents to build on internal communication etc. It also provides data of surveys, employee recognition and awards, innovations, reports etc. through the different conversations and recognition that it provides to its employees it helps its employees to understand the role that they are playing in supporting it and in this way make them feel important. So through constant updating of information, it builds on the internal communication in the organization.