A well-defined strategy for employee communication is vital to the success of an organisation. It helps in fostering employee engagement while ensuring an understanding of common goals and strategies. Moreover, a good Employee Communications Tool promotes a two-way feedback and fosters a positive change. It is imperative to get the right tool in place for conveying the apt message to the right people at the right time. Read on further to get an insight into the various kinds of tools for enhancing internal communication in your business.

Group and private messaging tools

Project teams require group tools for allowing them better collaboration at the workplace. Without designated places and platforms, it can become difficult to keep a tab on their progress. Getting team members closer to each other of the effective group can help to bring effectiveness to work. The platform also acts as a great way to report progress.Business organisations should adopt certain effective business tool allowing collaboration for letting team work together. It is especially required if the working members of the team are present at a different geographical location in separate time zones.

Dedicated intranet chat services work as effective tools making things happen with just a tap. It is possible to share files, search for contacts and conversations for referring things from the earlier time.Social intranet software: Whenever a company undergoes a transition for upgrading its internal communication strategy.


There are some symptoms to spot the lacunae including:

Lack of easy way to step up with the announcement and news of the company.
A frequent breakdown of communications between employees and department.
Emails with missing or buried documents.
Lack of clear orientation policy for new employees or interns.
A lot of paperwork.

Installing a central portal where employees can get accessibility relevant information, documents and communications can solve most of the problems. Social intranet software can not only assist companies with this but at the same time can lower the IT costs of the business. If your company is also provides telecommuting services and jobs, this is one of the preferable choices to have.You can learn more about an effective employee communication tool can benefit your organisation by visiting Talk Freely.