Internal Communication

Developing your mobile communications capability

Connect all your employees – wherever they are

  • Communicate directly with all your employees, and empower them with the same direct access back to their peers, colleagues and management.
  • Deliver real-time communications for breaking news, blogs or instant messaging – and get responses in real-time too
  • Engage employees and connect them to the success of your business with practical tools.
  • Monitor activity, conversations, group activities through rich reporting features that reveal the effectiveness of initiatives and their business benefits


Employee Communication App

The 4 steps to better employee communication

Developing Employee Communications Capability
  1. On-demand company information

Give employees one-swipe access to important company information, including on-boarding materials, training videos, HR information, health and safety guidance, and employee directories.

  1. Real-time updates

Engage employees with real-time news, the latest blogs, updates, announcements, notifications, messages and more.

  1. Invite feedback

Invite employee feedback through multiple methods – polls, surveys, consultations, etc. Get rapid feedback using Pulse surveys to assess the impact of new engagement initiatives. Analyse activity and interaction using powerful analytics, accessed by a powerful yet easy to use dashboard.

  1. Build employee engagement

Create a virtual community based on mutual respect, knowledge sharing and co-creation that allows your employees to shine. Give everyone effective tools for fostering ideas, innovation, and collaboration, and recognition for others. All within a secure, virtual workspace accessible via a single app, anytime, anywhere.

TalkFreely: the only employee communications app your business needs

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About TalkFreely

TalkFreely was founded in 2005 to help businesses engage with their employees and gain valuable insights into their business through managed feedback and suggestions.

Today, TalkFreely can be accessed via the desktop, tablets and mobile devices and is currently used by a wide range of national and international companies.