Employee surveys are an integral part of businesses understanding what their people think of the business, their jobs and their role in the organisation.

According to CEB/Gartner research, 92% of businesses conduct an employee engagement survey and consider it an important measurement. Most surveys of this type concentrate on the employees’ levels of happiness. However, a purely positive outlook may not yield sufficient information, especially if you consider the three main drivers of employee performance as:

1) Connecting to company goals

Employees need to understand how they fit into your overall business strategy. So, your survey questions need to allow employees to express how they contribute to these goals – or not.

CEB suggest the following question:

“Do you know what you should do to help the company meet its goals and objectives?

2) Peer to peer commitment

Great employees not only respect their colleagues, they work with them and learn from them too. Here, survey questions need to inform you if employees can collaborate easily with colleagues both locally and globally, and if not, why not.

CEB suggest the following question:

“Does your team help you to complete your work?”

3) Developing the right capabilities

You may provide numerous tools, resources and training for employees. Your questions should probe for details of the availability, suitability and accessibility of these tools.

CEB suggest the following question:

“Do you have a good understanding of informal structures and processes at the organization?”

Who do you ask?

The CEB question we like the most is

“When something unexpected comes up in your work, do you usually know who to ask for help?”

The other questions relate to processes; this one relates to how well your business communicates – and the way it communicates.

This brings us neatly to why TalkFreely is such an invaluable tools for employee communication. It puts direct communications into the hands of every employee, enabling peer to peer co-operation, communication and collaboration at the swipe of a screen.

This makes it perfect for surveys, polls and feedback. Survey requests are sent direct to each employee, in the same format, at the same time. As employees complete the survey, you receive feedback in real time, enabling you to gauge opinion at a precise time.

Choose the best survey type for the job

With TalkFreely, you can ask fundamental, in-depth questions like those above, or conduct quick Polls and regular Pulse surveys for insights into the ‘health’ of your business.


Create simple or advanced logic surveys that reach every employee. Our feature-rich survey module includes question routing, answer validation, weighted responses, plus multiple answer types and scales.


Create single-question opinion polls to capture employee views. Enable anyone to create a poll using a simple form, and show them the results in an instant summary chart.


Measure the ongoing health of your organisation with scheduled check-ups. You can use simple smileys for tracking happiness, or design your own company health indicators using a 0 – 10 scale.


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