Employee Driven Innovation

An employee suggestion scheme for the 21st century

Smart Solutions for Employee Innovation

Innovation doesn’t just happen. You need an employee suggestion scheme where everyone can engage and participate, and that allows you to manage ideas from first submission to successful implementation.

With TalkFreely, your business can deliver employee innovation and business improvement faster, smarter and more easily to:

  • increase competitive advantage
  • create new products and services
  • improve processes and working practices
  • increase employees’ acceptance of change
  • increase employee engagement

New to Innovation and idea Management?

Innovation isn’t rocket science, it’s simply making good ideas happen. TalkFreely solutions enable you to unlock the innovation potential of employees and other stakeholders, and manage the process of turning their sparks of inspiration into real benefits for the business.

One System, Many Solutions

Not every part of your business may require the same approach to innovation. One department may already be giving ideas, so idea management is required. Others may require more stimulus, such as challenges, when innovation management is more appropriate. For your stakeholders and customers outside the company, open innovation may be the best course of action. TalkFreely can be customised to provide the solutions required, all on the same easy to use system.

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Learn how to release your organisation’s potential for innovation.

About TalkFreely

TalkFreely was founded in 2005 to help businesses engage with their employees and gain valuable insights into their business through managed feedback and suggestions.

Today, TalkFreely can be accessed via the desktop, tablets and mobile devices and is currently used by a wide range of national and international companies.