If your business uses an intranet for internal communications, it may not be immediately clear who runs it, funds it or even manages it. This could rapidly turn into a case of too many cooks spoiling the intranet broth.

In a thought-provoking blog at CMSWire, Sam Marshall suggests that intranet governance is often more muddled that one might expect. In a survey conducted by the Warwick Business School, 47% of businesses surveyed said that Internal Communications was the main driver behind their intranet, with 16% saying that the IT Department was.

This can cause a conflict, as one survey respondent noted:

“The problem with IT having the budget for the intranet is that it shifts the power balance away from the business to the technology people, whose technology strategy and goals the intranet must then adopt.”

The issue isn’t just with budget either. Marshall points to two other factors that may at first seem contradictory:

  1. IT gets blamed when things go wrong so resist changes to the intranet in case it breaks.
  2. IT departments like to include new cool features, which may not be driven by business needs.

The result may be tension and conflict between the ‘we want it now’ requirements of Internal Communications and the more measured approach of the IT department.

Business apps to the rescue
A dedicated employee network app can replace your intranet with a secure, on demand solution that takes the heat out of intranet development conflicts.

By using a cloud-based, customisable solution that is shaped to your business requirements and accessed via an app, your business can liberate your IT department from the shackles of intranet maintenance.

Instead, the app developers do all the work, providing a solution that is robust, flexible and constantly upgraded to meet the current and future needs of an increasingly mobile-based workforce.

With the app’s systems operating in the cloud, totally separate from your business systems, all data is secure and doesn’t require additional IT -based security measures to be created.

Engagement made easy
An accessible and inclusive ‘intranet app’ allows everyone in the business to engage and participate.

  • The Internal Communications team can disseminate information and news quickly and easily. In return, the employees can access, assimilate and comment on that information, offering valuable feedback.
  • The Health and Safety team can use the same app to allow quick and easy reporting of potential issues, which in turn enables them to act more swiftly.
  • The Management team can work together to create Challenges to address business goals or challenges, and invite employees to submit their ideas.
  • Most of all, your employees can access all this 24/7/365, wherever they are. They can quickly access the information they want, and in return give feedback, post ideas, and co-operate and co-create solutions with colleagues. All within one app.

At TalkFreely, our team have been developing and refining our cloud-based platform for years. We’ve got the international experience, the robust technology and an experience-forged understanding of how better communications and engagement can help a business develop its products, services and its people.

All that has changed is that our easy to use intuitive business apps put all that power and capability in the palm of your employees’ hands.

If the idea of an app appeals, call us to discuss your requirements.