Employee Engagement

An employee engagement app that connects all your employees

Help your employees contribute to the success of your business through Conversations, Challenges & Ideas, Recognition & Reviews


Employee-driven Innovation

Capture ideas and suggestions across the organisation – then simplify the ideation process.


Help every employee understand the strategy and the role they play in supporting it.


Create a culture of recognition and associate the power of saying thank-you with your company values.

Customer reviews

Circulate customer reviews and invite comments from your employees.

The FLEXIBLE Employee Communication App

Suggestion Scheme

Capture ideas that have the power to transform your business

Peer-2-Peer Recognition

Promote a culture of thanks through peer recognition

Get closer to your customers

Share customer feedback with your employees and get their input

Employee voice

Involve your employees in the conversations that are important to your business

About TalkFreely

TalkFreely was founded in 2005 to help businesses engage with their employees and gain valuable insights into their business through managed feedback and suggestions.

Today, TalkFreely can be accessed via the desktop, tablets and mobile devices and is currently used by a wide range of national and international companies.