Your employees are your business’s best advocates, yet if you’re not allowing them to share company information on their personal social networks, you are effectively preventing them from promoting your business.

It’s probably not intentional. In a survey by Spout Social, 77% of those surveyed said they didn’t feel encouraged to share company news on social media platforms. What’s more:

  • 21.6% said they were uncertain if their employers wants them to share
  • 15.7% said they didn’t know what to share
  • 15.6% were afraid they would share the wrong thing

Yet, in contrast, 75% of employees wanted regular updates on company news. If given the updates, 42% considered they would be more successful at their job and 36% said they would be more committed to the business.

Information flow is key

Your business needs to ensure that information flows out to the employees, and it can then flow beyond the company in social media posts from your employees. As Spout Social’s report suggests:

“Make it easy for your employees to find and share company news: Ensure you have a central hub of content that all employees can easily access whenever they want. Such a channel will make essential information easy to digest.”

Can we share?

The report is interesting in that it assumes employees want to share company information in the first place. Remember, almost 22% of respondents didn’t know if they were allowed to share in the first place. The report suggests that those who keep their personal social media totally separated from their work are missing out on “personal branding”, which Sprout Social suggest is an important part of future career progression.

Recruitment using social media – why do it

More importantly perhaps, your company is missing out on one of the most effective ways to recruit new staff – social media. If prospective candidates are researching your business online they will trust recommendations or comments from friends and family, company employees, the company and the media, in that order. So, positive posts from friends can be a powerful tool in the HR/recruitment armoury:

“44.5% of people say they are more likely to apply for a job if they saw their friend post about the position on social rather than through other means.”

Now the surprising news; only 9.4% of companies use social media for recruitment. That means less than 10% of companies use a powerful, proven recruitment tool that’s free! These companies are missing out on a unique opportunity to create a dream candidate shortlist with minimal effort.

Secure sharing

For many companies, the challenge is all about commercial confidentiality. How can you keep employees fully informed, then allow them to share, and not spill important company beans?

Sprout Social advocates staff social media training, giving them the confidence to choose for themselves what to post, and to whom. Perhaps more helpful in the short term is to add social media ‘Share Buttons’ to any item of news you are happy for employees to share. It’s a quick and easy way for people to share interesting company news or information without worrying over if they are posting the wrong thing. Equally, job opportunities should be shared with all employees, alongside encouragement to share these posts themselves on their social feed.

If you’d like your employees to share good news, here’s some more – we can help. Call us at TalkFreely to discuss your particular requirements and we’ll share some of our secrets to make it happen.