If you’ve been involved in employee communication for decades, you may well be experiencing a strong sense of deja vu when colleagues start discussing the ‘latest’ intranet portals.


The early intranets

Back in the days, your early intranet was probably simply a portal into a variety of links to information held in various locations in your business. It acted like a clickable directory, and little else.


Complete company intranets

As the capability of systems changed, so did intranets, developing into a ‘one stop shop’ for all company information, from HR documents to project files. Again, as the capability of storage grew and storage costs plummeted, these intranets in turn could become bloated and difficult to navigate.

Indeed a survey by the McKinsey Global Institute in 2012 found that employees spend on average a substantial 19% of their time simply searching for and gathering information, and a shocking 28% of their time reading and answering emails too.


The rise of the apps

Given the issue of inefficient and cumbersome interfaces, companies sought better solutions for communications and information gathering, with a trend towards dedicated apps for each task associated with the intranet – information retrieval, internal communication, project collaboration, innovation, the lot.

In a multiple app solution, the former company intranet simply becomes a portal with a series of links to these various solutions (hence the deja vu). However, the information has become disparate again, and with the complications of multiple sign-ins, different interfaces, and capabilities, using a multitude of apps can be time-consuming and potentially frustrating.



One of the joys of the company intranet was the ability to ring-fence certain areas to allow external parties to access information. An intranet could provide suppliers, development partners, external workers and even customers with secure access to the information and contacts they required. In a multi-app solution, that capability is often unavailable due to multiple log-ins, and an important opportunity lost.


The single app solution

A single employee communication and engagement app like TalkFreely brings together all the benefits of an intranet, intranet portal and extranet into one integrated solution. With a single log-in to a personalised dashboard, employees can easily access the information and features they require in one place. Every element of the former systems your employees used are now part of TalkFreely, so it looks the same, feels the same, and works seamlessly across all tasks, projects or collaborations.

So, that 19% of time spent finding information is reduced. With in-app communications always connected to the project, interest or user group it refers to, there are far less cc’d emails to trawl through, saving more time.


One login to rule them all

There’s another factor of a single app solution that cannot be underestimated; ease of log-in. Out there in the non-corporate internet, many websites you might wish to sign up with offers registrations and log-ins using a social media profile rather than filling in a form.

According to a report by LoginRadius in 2016, 93% of consumers preferred to login using their existing social media identity, with the majority using their Facebook identity, closely followed by Google.

This trend is probably about more than just convenience. It reflects the user’s wish to establish a web-wide identity, and how they wish to present themselves online. For many, the embodiment of this is their Facebook account.


One app, one login, for everyone

With TalkFreely, every employee has their own account, and therefore their own establish identity within the company. There is just one single login, and that’s it. Each employee’s access to information can be customised at multiple points, be it through membership of a particular User group, through direct messaging by colleagues, or simply their own filtering of information on current news and activity.

This ensures everyone in your business has access to the information they need and the news that’s relevant to them, without being bombarded with irrelevant messaging. And that includes management too!

To see TalkFreely in action, simply sign up for a free trial to explore all the features and options in your own time, on your own devices. If you need our help, or want to ask any questions, just call us or email us.

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