Employee Engagement Features & Functionality

Software that provides all you need for colleagues to participate in the success of your business

Employee engagement software

Employee-driven Innovation

Capture ideas and suggestions across the organisation – then simplify the ideation process.


Allow sponsors to appoint business owners, schedule framed & open challenges to groups of employees; describe the challenge and attach related files.


Notify business owners of new ideas and allow owners & sponsors to take ideas through an ideation or suggestion workflow.


Promote challenges, collect ideas from desktop, smartphone or tablet users. Allow anonymity and other employees to follow, rate and comment on ideas.


Keep followers and contributors in the loop with messages (updates) on challenges and ideas.


Help every employee understand the strategy and the role they play in supporting it.

Big and Small 'Conversations'

Create Conversations within Groups or Pages to reach relevant communities.

Activity Reports

Summarise results and identify user activity to understand which employees are – and aren’t – engaged.

Multiple Posts

Combine posts within a conversation to help employees make sense of complex issues to show how initiatives and projects fit together.

Employee Reactions

Encourage employees to follow, read, comment and share their reactions to strategic issues.


Associate the power of thank you to your company values


Allow everyone in the organisation to thank a colleague and share their achievements and actions across the wider organisation.

Social Reactions

Encourage employees to applaud a recognised colleague with Reactions.

Company Values

Nudge employees to attach their appreciation to a company value to underline the organisation’s culture.

Add Rewards

Give moderators the option to give rewards as well as recognition.


Circulate customer reviews to groups of employees.

Review Systems

Use a pre-built – or emulate an internal – review system.

Social Reactions

Our employee engagement software provides ways to encourage employees to celebrate good reviews and comment on less flattering reviews with Social Reactions.

Publish & Upload

Allow Moderators to quickly add a customer review via the system, or upload reviews from a third party system using a CSV file.


Seamlessly integrate your customer reviews into the TalkFreely App (option).


Our internal communication tool enable you to create professional surveys that reach every employee.

Survey Design

Powerful survey design includes question routing (skip logic), answer validation, weighted responses, multiple answer types and scales, and a WYSIWYG editor to format questions.


Summary and detail reports available for every survey with ability to export results to Excel and CSV.

Data Collection

Fast & flexible response gathering supports scheduling, multiple answer types, anonymised data and project messaging to surveyed employees.

Track response rates

Target non-respondents & download results


Create single-question opinion polls to capture employee views.

Quick Design

Allow everyone to create polls with a simple one-page form and add them to pages or groups to keep them relevant.

Easy Management

Designate a poll owner (sponsor), enable anonymous responses, schedule polls to run for a limited duration and nudge employees who haven’t voted yet.

Instant Results

Provide an instant summary chart to responders as they complete the poll

Activity Reports

Summarise results, identify user activity (when anonymity not applied) and even export data to alternative BI systems via CSV or Excel


Measure the ongoing health of your organisation with scheduled check-ups.

Happiness Index

Track your employee happiness. Three basic smileys help you to regularly check on your employee’s satisfaction.

Build Your Own Pulse

Create your own company health indicators, using a 0 – 10 scale for rating attributes on employee feedback questionnaires

employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

Proxy employee loyalty Index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of employees to recommend their company to others.

Anonymous Responses

Our internal communication tool allows candid feedback by choosing to make employee responses anonymous

About TalkFreely

TalkFreely was founded in 2005 to help businesses engage with their employees and gain valuable insights into their business through managed feedback and suggestions.

Today, TalkFreely can be accessed via the desktop, tablets and mobile devices and is currently used by a wide range of national and international companies.