Internal Communication Features & Functionality

inform all your colleagues what’s happening inside your organisation

Employee communication tool

Information boards

Our employee communication tool helps employees find information, files and videos.

Multimedia Cards

Add Cards to Pages to group documents, news articles, posts, polls, information, videos & conversations around projects, policies, themes and more.

Personalised Content

Link Boards to Groups, and help employees react to relevant content.

Masonry Design

Optimised design – reduces unnecessary gaps – using the Masonry grid layout to create a great looking Pages.


Pin Pages to the App home screen with shortcuts – directing employees to important areas of company content.


Create a community by sharing success – & disappointments – across the entire organisation in real time.

Quick Publish

Allow Moderators to quickly add News items and associated images from within the App (not just the dashboard).


Encourage employees to follow, read, comment and share their reactions.

Targeted News Feed

Celebrate success and news travels fast to relevant groups of employees.


Measure readership actions using dashboard metrics and reports to indicate interest and buzz.

In-App Messaging

A secure way for employees to communicate with each other from within the App.

Push notification integration

Use push notifications to actively reach employees with intracompany messages

User & Group Messaging

Use our employee communication tool to send messages to colleagues or groups of colleagues in real time.

Secure communication

Encrypt enterprises messages sent between employees using https protocol.

Moderator Messaging

Send messages to employees based on their response (or lack of) to different content.


Update employees about important activity with push notifications.

Push Notifications

Notifications that pop up on a mobile device even when employees aren’t using their device or in the app.

Employee Preferences

Employees can’t turn off notifications entirely, but they can change what they’re notified about and how they’re notified.

Email Notifications

System automatically creates relevant daily & weekly activity updates to pull employees back into their communities.

Public Updates

Allows moderators to quickly post updates to employees who chose to follow content.

About TalkFreely

TalkFreely was founded in 2005 to help businesses engage with their employees and gain valuable insights into their business through managed feedback and suggestions.

Today, TalkFreely can be accessed via the desktop, tablets and mobile devices and is currently used by a wide range of national and international companies.