TalkFreely Release Notes

Version 2.1.0 - ‘Angie’

Release Summary

This release:

  • Reduces app ‘hang time’ for users creating and reacting to content.
  • Brings several small improvements and bug fixes that were grinding people’s gears.
  • Introduces a customer support link directly into the app for administrators and moderators (to reduce response times).
  • Hides something called Widgets that will help admin and moderators shortcut employees to different parts of the app (and other apps).

What’s New?

New features & Functionality

  • Finally allowed users to add keyboard Emojis into their posts and comments (Case 398054) ?.
  • Carried on the general trend  to move more editing functionality for Moderators and Administrators from the dashboard view to the app view: meaning less time spent switching between app and dashboard views when managing content (Case 400911).

What’s Improved?

Improvements to existing features

  • Reduced app hang time for saving ‘cases’ (a post, idea etc) by taking the count functionality into a separate queued process (404217)
  • Reduced app response time for sending ‘notifications’ by taking the notification functionality into a separate queued process (404216)
  • Several minor improvements to the app UI (400365, 400364, 400361) and navigation (400367). The most notable is that the app now detects image orientation for uploads (i.e. selfies, 400359)
  • Improvements to help administrators get new users on=board including the ability to set a temporary password for new users who have forgotten their password (398435).
  • Simplified Dashboard pages – which now show ‘only’  graphs on the main dashboard page  (399249)
  • Allow users to sign-in with their activation code from main sign-in page (398435)
  • Removed zero numbers from headers of dashboard pages (397369)
  • ‘Notify all’ on New Post,New Challenge,New Page etc – is now only available to Moderators ( 403395 )

What’s Fixed

Bugs we’ve fixed

  • Previously, only Conversation owners could delete them, but now Conversations can be deleted by moderators/admin from the App’s Conversation’s Summary Page/Board (398621)
  • Removed bug that didn’t allow members to be removed from groups within the app (400344)
  • Found and removed a particularly hardy app bug that caused a page to freeze (400358)
  • A couple of quirky bugs in the News Module that sometimes pushed News cards behind other cards (402086), and reordered News cards in an odd way (402085).
  • Several bugs in the app that led users returning to unexpected pages (400910, 400786,) corrupted UI displayed (400701, 400373, 400371, 400369, 400368,400363, 400362, 400360, 399269, 399267, 397945,397863, 397778, 396144, 403733, 400995) and inaccurate metrics (400385, 400352, 396712, 396403).
  • A bug that removed some signup codes (for accounts that used this method of user activation 399567).
  • A bug that failed to upload users designated as moderators via a csv upload (386891).
  • Dashboard cases showing blank screen after sign-in (399161).
  • Added access edit button on Administration Moderator Access page (398594).
  • Report of Users slow on Home page above approx 5000 users (394606).


Operational updates, e.g. server upgrades

  • Integrated Intercom’s support platform to reduce response times to administrator and moderator queries when using the web app from the browser (404073). This is a customer option that can support both the dashboard and/or app view from the browser.

Some ‘hidden’ functionality

Let’s take a step back. We’ve been wrestling with ways to help different clients help their employees access different bits of content: to create shortcuts to another part of the TalkFreely system, or even another system. And each time we think we’ve nailed the thing – someone asks us for something different. For example, we built a navigation menu and then someone wanted to add a feed from their company Twitter and Facebook account. We built a ‘Get Involved shortcut’, then someone asked if we could gamify it and create a points system. And we made all these shortcuts available on the main Home page (or board) and then… someone wanted to add a shortcut to one of their information boards. Grr!

We finally got the message and realised that we weren’t going to build the perfect set of shortcuts to please everyone. But we did think we could build a library of Widgets (over time) that administrators could pick and choose, then use to nudge their employees into doing the right things.

Ok, it’s a pretty limited set of Widgets at this point. And… they need someone in Customer Support to help set them up. And yes, they are… hidden. But they’re there.