For anyone who has tried to assess the effectiveness of engagement through statistics on active involvement, this is a very reassuring blog!

Based on the principal that 90% of a given community are lurkers, who absorb information but don’t necessarily contribute, it soon becomes apparent that engagement can be passive as well as active, and that passivity is not the same as indifference.

A new point also emerges from this blog; that we need to keep measuring. The original ‘rule’ was that 1% of a given Internet community would be creating content, and the remaining 99% viewing it. Web 2.0 added the possibility of interaction, pulling in a ‘new’ 9% who modify content in some way.

With the increasing use of mobile devices, this ‘modifying’ percentage may increase, especially with the possibilities of responding not just in text form but through videos, remixed content, etc. Interesting times inevitably produce interesting statistics!

Read the original blog:  The 90–9–1 principle in online participation, or why more people read than type