A recent survey by Capita shows a growing trend of local authorities to look internally for ideas, with around 90% looking for ideas centred on efficiency savings.

In an article for the Local Government Chronicle, Andy Theedom from Capita explains how an ideas management system can make sourcing and sorting ideas more efficient for local councils.

This will be familiar territory to those already involved in innovation management, but Theedom is more than aware it’s sometimes easier said than done.

“How do time-poor councils manage progression of ideas through to activities, without creating a disproportionate management overhead that kills spontaneity or a willingness to pursue?”

In a superb example of making your product relevant to your market, he uses political terminology to illustrate the benefits of a central idea management system:

“A single system provides a democratic environment which not only allows you to determine the best ideas but also to show a willingness to consider the thoughts of all, not just those who shout the loudest.”

And finally he grasps the greatest nettle of them all; council departments not talking to each other!

“The other great benefit of a management system of this type is that it helps to increase genuine cross-organisation transformation; something which, in our experience, not enough councils are encouraging.”

All three of these issues can be solved with an innovation management platform like TalkFreely. Our solutions provide a logical, transparent system for progressing ideas from submission to implementation. It allow that democratic process of discussion, debate and ratings, such that the best ideas emerge for selection and further evaluation. Our robust set of management tool also ensure ideas can be progressed efficiently and effectively without ‘management overkill’.

We also know from experience how effective ideas management can be for local authorities.

  • “My KCC Idea”:

When Kent County Council realised that they would need to make substantial savings on their annual expenditure, they decided to consult their entire staff via an innovative on-line portal, created by Talk Freely.

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  • Parks to be Proud Of:

With 15 parks and open spaces to improve with a budget of just £1.5 million, the Croydon Council team wanted to try a new approach. The goal was to find a way to consult with their citizens on expenditure of major grant for parks via an engaging, online participatory budgeting solution, and TalkFreely provided the solution.

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