As everyone in the office works hard to meet deadlines and fulfill client requirements, employee engagement which is the back-bone of any office sometimes takes a back-seat. It is a well known fact that communication is like the heartbeat of any organization. In its absence no organization can work effectively. Internal communication takes place between the employees of an organization.

employee communication

An internal communication software can help in connecting and engaging all employees. Most of the software related to this domain come with options that help them to adapt according to the specific needs of any organization. Not only this, communication software also aids in gaining helpful insights about the company through comments and suggestions.


Any internal communication software has two main components. One is for internal communication which can include information boards, directory of the employees, messages and notifications, images, pictures, videos, news feed etc. The employee engagement component usually has the details about surveys, employee recognition and awards, idea management modules, business conversations, important meetings and deadlines etc.

Advantages of an Effective Internal Communication

A good Internal Communication Software keeps the employees motivated as it helps in developing a healthy relationship between the management and ground staff. It also helps to have an effective control and coordination between the different departments. For smooth functioning of an organization, internal communication is a must. Employees feel happy and satisfied when they are heard. As this keeps the communication channels well lubricated there are fewer chances of false information or doubts to arise in case of lack of proper sharing of information. A well established result that comes from an effective internal communication is a good turnover as all the departments work collectively with less wastage towards the good of their organization. Proper supervision and managerial efficiency cannot be achieved if there is distance between them and the employees.

Disadvantages of Internal Communication

Sometimes employees tend to get into conflict as they use internal communication. They might get ito arguments with each other or with the management. So an Internal Communication Software that was made help the organization might not be able to perform this function due to the tensions. Moreover, some employees might use this system for chatting and exchanging office gossip.

So, though internal communication is the key to success for any organization, there is a need to use it prudently. Visit TalkFreely for mroe information on this.